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Crystal Clear Turtle Showpiece





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Tortoise has great significance and importance in Fengshui and Vastu. It has to be placed in proper place to get most benefits and advantages of its positivity and peace. You can put this Crystal Clear Turtle Showpiece by GiftsGala at the North direction of your house to get benefits of good health and it helps to enhance your career too. If you have problem of sleeplessness, then place this crystal clear tortoise near your head. Crystal clear tortoise also helps to spread positive energy and removes negative energy around us. Hence, you keep crystal clear tortoise in your house or work place office, then that the place would be purified by the positive power of this Crystal tortoise. Old people also says to keep crystal clear tortoise to increase longevity. For good and continuous flow of money, put crystal clear tortoise in cash locker. For good concentration in studies, Put this near to study table. Gift Crystal Clear Turtle Showpiece by GiftsGala to your family and loved ones for peace and positivity.